Anti-ageing begins with the protection of all body cells, in the brain, viscera, vision, skin, blood vessels, muscles, gonads (sex glands), etc. Minerals in our body consist of a variety of elements that are essential for human tissues and to maintain normal physiological functions. As such, they are essential to our body.
Cozo® NMN is an age-defying skin-whitening oral powder packed with wholesome goodness. By directly increasing NAD+ for cell repair, aging can be inhibited, delayed and even reversed through COZO® NMN, allowing you to achieve ultimate beauty, vitality and health from inside out.
Prevents Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS)

Contains strong antioxidant properties

Combats effectively against free radicals

Promotes immunity defense system

Reduces lactic acid build-up
What are Reactiv Oxidative Species (ROS) & How Do They Cause Ageing?
Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS) are unstable atoms that can cause cell death by "stealing" electrons from our body cells. This destabilizes not only our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), but proteins, lipids, cell membranes, and other nutrients in our body.
If left unchecked, excess ROS will start wreaking havoc on your skin cells first, breaking down collagen and lipids. Oxidatively damaged skin cells result in unflattering skin ageing such as wrinkling, dark spots, fine lines and loose, saggy skin. ROS
If left unidentified, accumulation of ROS may even potentially put you at higher risk of chronic health problems such as cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, cataract, and even certain cancer.

An Energy Booster: NAD+

For a more comprehensive age reversal effect, the body needs coenzymes from NMN (coenzyme), in addition to just consuming peptides (a type of amino acid) for anti-ageing.
The coenzymes from NAD+ are essential for the provision of energy to all cells in the body, to generate the engine to produce life.
NAD+ is responsible in:
  • converting food to energy
  • maintaining DNA integrity
  • ensuring proper cell function
  • protecting you from ageing and diseases
  • 5 Main Ingredients In


    Suppresses age-associated weight gain,
    enhances energy metabolism and physical vitality,
    maintains the efficacy of DNA repair
    and promotes vascular health and blood flow

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    Reinforces and repairs natural skin barrier,
    locks in moisture to prevent dryness and irritation,
    defend against environmental pollutants and UV damage

    Torula Yeast

    High glutathione (antioxidant) content to combat oxidative damage,
    improves dermal elasticity to prevent skin wrinkling and sagging
    and magnifies the benefits of Vitamin C to brighten skin tone

    Evening Primrose Extract

    Regulates hormones to relieve Premenstrual syndrome (PMS),
    alleviates nerve pain, arthritis, cramps and breast aches
    and regulates sebum production to treat acne and breakouts

    Lycopene (Tomato Extract)

    Enhances immune system as an antioxidant and carotenoid,
    protects DNA, cells and tissues by scavenging free radicals
    and reduces risk of certain cancers, notably prostate and lung cancers