Shed Stubborn Fats: How To Lose Those Last Few Pounds

  • 06, Nov 2020

Whether you are working out on your own or have joined a weight loss program, the first couple of days are physically agonizing. But, they are also extremely rewarding and motivating. Over the course of several weeks and months, the scale is showing positive results. You can finally fit your old favourite pair of pants again. However, after a while, the scale won’t budge and comes to a complete standstill.


Despite keeping the diet and exercise routine the same, you are no longer losing weight. Trying to shed those last 5 or 10 pounds from your goal can be maddening – we explore how you can power past the plateau with these tips below that can make a difference in your weight loss.


Why it’s hard to shed those stubborn fats


When you start your weight loss journey, your body is responding well and it is burning more calories. As you lose weight, your metabolism will naturally slow down a little. With a reduced body mass, you will need fewer calories than before. Thus, try to tweak your diet and fitness plans so you can overcome the weight loss plateau and reach your goal.


Change up your exercise routine


As your body becomes more efficient and burns fewer calories, there is a need to shake up your fitness routine. Modify the intensity, frequency or type of exercise to burn off additional calories and kick-start the weight loss. This can mean adding 10 to 20 minutes in your walking routine or walk at a brisker pace.


Increasing physical activity is also an excellent for strength training as it helps to build muscle. With more muscle mass, this increases your metabolism and your body will go back to burning more calories.


Measure your portion sizes


Your portion sizes tend to get bigger over time and it can be easy to underestimate how much you are eating. Use smaller plates and cups to keep calories under control. Indulge your sweet tooth in portions, be it ice creams or cakes. Eating the same foods on a daily basis can get a little boring so you may be eating more to feel satisfied. Try to experiment with new ingredients or swap recipes with a friend to whet your appetite.


Trim your calories


Your new slimmer physique may need fewer calories, and fat has more than twice as many calories as compared to protein and carbohydrates. Therefore, if you trim the fat calories, the results can add up quickly. Look for hidden fats in your meals and shave about 100 calories off your eating plans. Be careful not to cut back too much, otherwise you may end up feeling deprived and starved. Use less oil in cooking and stir-frys or make the switch to lower-fat dairy products – these are some examples you can try.


While you can continue with your effective slimming treatment or workout programme, these tips can help you to get back on track and eventually lose those last few stubborn fats.


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